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  • Avaliable plots for investmetns
  • Available plots for investments
  • Project development in Marota city
  • Paper Recycling Project participation

Syria is an ancient country that embraced the oldest civilizations, and was in its southern section the oldest inhabited capital in the world `` Damascus '' and out of love for this country and the desire to promote it, was established Damascus Sham Holding Company, which will be one of its most important goals, the development of residential areas and neighborhoods to provide for the people of this country.

  • The Message

    Devoting all the capabilities to abide by the covenants and meeting the needs on both short and long term, with the highest levels of quality and professionalism, depending on an integrated team with extensive experience in the fields of organization, construction and reconstruction.

  • The Vision

    To be one of the leading Syrian companies in the field of investment, business development and services.

  • The Mission

    We seek to create strategic partnerships that provide investors with a safe investment environment, with economic and social benefits that contribute to the development of the city of Damascus and support the national economy.

  • The Values

    Our essential values are a reflection of our culture and pride in Syria; accordingly, we will be sure that we implement our values and principles at work, not just as a habit, but also in a systematic manner.

Latest News

Avaliable plots for investmetns
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Available plots for investments
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Project development in Marota city
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Paper Recycling Project participation
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