Damascus Cham Holding Company Governance

Governance in Damascus Cham Holding

Damascus Cham Holding Company strives to apply the principles of good governance; according to the best practices recognized globally, which helps to create a healthy work environment; an environment that assists the company to achieve the best performance and optimal management of the available resources. Furthermore, it helps to expand the activity, reduce risks, and build confidence with all parties, as well as stakeholders and to achieve justice, disclosure and transparency. One of the most important aspects of the company's tools to meet the requirements of corporate governance is being committed to the rights of all stakeholders, strengthening the relationship, taking care of interests, full commitment to the principles of transparency and disclosure, activating the role of the Board of Directors and executive management. In addition to determining their responsibilities and training, besides, ensuring that there are mechanisms to strengthen internal control and risk management. Board of directors has adopted several fundamental values that determine its path and operations: professionalism, credibility, integrity, transparency, commitment, responsibility, leadership, performance and commitment to serve the community and the nation.